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Amy Lee on 'Aftermath' and Returning to the Road

If you thought you've heard everything Amy Lee has to say, you probably haven't been paying attention. During her decade-plus run as the frontwoman (and focal point) of Evanescence, she's proven time and time again that she's got plenty of opinions – all you've got to do is ask.

So we did. In the first part of Rolling Stone's interview with Lee, she weighed in on the future of her band, becoming a mother and releasing her first independent album, Aftermath, due August 25. Now, in part two, she talks about putting the past to rest, creating new songs and hitting the road as......

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Get Free: Amy Lee on Artistic Independence, the Future of Evanescence

When Amy Lee invited Rolling Stone to her Brooklyn home last month, she wasn't sure which would come first: the War Story soundtrack she'd been working on for nearly a year, or the baby she was expecting with husband Josh Hartzler.

Turns out her son, Jack Lion Hartzler, won by a little more than a week.

Lee became a mom on July 28; on August 6, she announced Aftermath, an album of music she'd recorded for War Story with cellist Dave Eggar and a host of other musicians. It's due August 25, and it's not only Lee's first release since Evanescence's 2011......

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